We highly value our clients feedback. Below are some of our latest reviews.




08-10-15 19:15 I was in pain and you sorted it out quickly and without fuss brilliant! Mr Harper Adrian
08-10-15 19:10 Excellent team-little pain -expert Stevie. Mr Carter-Richards David
08-10-15 18:04 Personal service,clear and accurate knowledge of my dental history/requirements. Made to feel welcome.Given a running commentary on what was happening. Completed a difficult procedure with minimum fuss and to maximum effect. Mr Felstead Anthony
08-10-15 13:48 It's close convenient clean professional and friendly. Anonymous
08-10-15 13:09 inclusive and long term thinking regarding my dental care. Mr Romain Ricky
07-10-15 21:37 The care they take when they perform on your teeth. Also when u have had bad experience's they put u at ease at right away. Anonymous
07-10-15 19:24 Every member of staff friendly and helpful Anonymous
07-10-15 19:03 Mr. Justin Nuttel, and his ambled assistance, are efficient, cordial and very good at dealing with nervous patients. Anonymous
07-10-15 17:39 Timely and efficient. Mr Marriage John
07-10-15 17:11 We have known Justin for a number of years, and think that he is the very best dentist that we have ever had. Mrs Blackmore Diana
06-10-15 19:19 Friendly,fast and efficient. Mrs Littley Vivienne
06-10-15 19:08 Seen on time. Friendly receptionist. Hygienist as always efficient and very good at her job. Anonymous
06-10-15 17:42 Friendly staff, dentists that inspire trust Anonymous
06-10-15 17:08 Because I loathe visiting any Dentist All staff were very nice and understanding Mrs Fish Bridget
06-10-15 16:51 very professional staff from reception onwards. Mr Powley Clifford
06-10-15 16:50 very professional staff from reception onwards. Mr Powley Clifford
06-10-15 9:43 very pleased with my treatment at Axminster Dental Practice. Anonymous
06-10-15 6:16 Treatment was good, Staff were friendly. Mrs Seward Fiona
05-10-15 23:03 They are lovely. I've had complete trust in them since they opened in their last premises. Mrs Box Rebecca
05-10-15 20:48 Friendly staff, very efficient dental practice and nice waiting areas and treatment rooms. Mrs Bowie Claire
05-10-15 19:05 Efficient, friendly and considerate service. Mr Murfin Robin
05-10-15 18:33 Very helpful Mr Harris Mark
05-10-15 16:57 Helpful polite staff, very clean building, relaxed. Cook Amanda
05-10-15 15:15 Staff always smiling and welcoming,and the sevice is excellent. Mrs Saxon Janet
05-10-15 7:10 I would recommend the dental practise, because (from my experinces) there isn't anything not to recommend. Mr Land Rhett
04-10-15 15:55 Very happy with Stevie and a great atmosphere Anonymous
04-10-15 9:23 I have confidence in Dr. Hodges and the efficiency of the whole practice. Ms Sinden Ann
03-10-15 19:44 Caring and efficient service with lovely staff. Brilliant result. Miss Bragg Pamela
03-10-15 13:50 All the staff are very welcoming and provide an excellent service. Mr Keats John
02-10-15 17:05 Professional and polite Mr Richardson Ian
02-10-15 17:05 Professional and polite Mr Richardson Ian
02-10-15 12:04 Always prompt and efficient service with little waiting around. Excellent. Mr Gilbert Anthony
02-10-15 12:03 Always prompt and efficient service with little waiting around. Excellent Mr Gilbert Anthony
01-10-15 19:59 confidence in dentist and courteous staff Mrs Scott Sylvia
01-10-15 19:05 Good friendly service . Mrs Hine Jennifer
01-10-15 18:51 Such a brilliant patient dentist. Mr Nuttall Mrs Titman Amanda
01-10-15 18:38 the staff are very friendly Mr Hutton Graham
01-10-15 17:45 Efficient and friendly experience Anonymous
01-10-15 17:41 very pleased with the service and staff Anonymous
01-10-15 12:51 The dentist was very professional in her examination. Mr Minett Phillip
30-09-15 20:30 Happy and friendly reception Staff, smart building, free parking, Good reminder service, Running on time, professional Dentist and nurse, Does not do thing's that are not necessary, See you in 6 months. Mr Mason Barry
30-09-15 20:08 Following a filling loss I was offered treatment within 48 hours or an emergency visit if it became a problem, Excellent service/ Mrs Groves Patricia
30-09-15 19:54 Friendly,efficient practice. purpose built, always appears clean High standards Anonymous
30-09-15 19:12 Convenient location, friendly and helpful Anonymous
30-09-15 19:07 Effiency and friendly approach Anonymous
30-09-15 18:28 Very professional in all aspects. Anonymous
30-09-15 18:24 Efficient, pleasant modern surgery and equipment and Dr Hodges has a friendly, professional approach Mr Thomas James
30-09-15 16:57 Excellent & professional care & treatment. Mrs Warren Susan
30-09-15 12:50 The practice environment was very pleasant. The dental team was professional and I felt that I was in very good hands. Mrs Mann Wendy
29-09-15 22:34 Friendly, high degree of expertise and very reasonably priced Mr Cole Nigel
29-09-15 21:16 It is just a good experience I feel that me and my teeth are looked after. Mr Hanna John
29-09-15 15:02 Listen to worries, and take very good care to keep me comfortable during treatments. Really kind. Mrs Mew Sylvie
29-09-15 11:29 Excellent service and lovely staff Anonymous
28-09-15 22:18 I've always been dealt with in a calm, confident manner. I've been terrified of dentists all my life as a result of a bad school dentist experience at the age of 5. I can now visit a dentist without fear Mrs Samateh Diana
28-09-15 17:36 A friendly, professional service from both the Reception and Dental staff. Mrs Coleman Susan
25-09-15 19:36 The dentist listened to my concerns and advised me accordingly, Anonymous
25-09-15 19:32 I'm extremely impressed by the young dentist who treated me. I received prompt attention & a clear explanation of treatment, I'm a very satisfied customer ! Thank you Mrs Powell Nicola
25-09-15 18:03 Prompt service, always with a smile.. Mr Lawrence John
24-09-15 17:44 extremely good service. very friendly dentist and staff Mr Wallbank Richard
24-09-15 17:21 Staff are very friendly and helpful Miss Denslow Melissa
24-09-15 10:57 great all round service Mrs Hatfield Gail
24-09-15 10:24 friendly staff, close to home, mr justin nuttal a very good dentist. friendly and helpful Mr Mann Peter
23-09-15 22:03 Welcoming and professional staff, my treatment was explained clearly to me before & during the procedure Mr Davis Michael
23-09-15 21:44 Have always had excelent attention. Anonymous
23-09-15 19:12 Thoroughly Professional service Mr Lewis Peter
23-09-15 14:28 Very happy with my experience with both Katie & dentist at recent visits Mrs Coates Teresa
23-09-15 8:34 Very nice caring Dental Hygeinist Mrs Absalom Patricia
22-09-15 21:07 Pleasant, sociable staff, well teated Mr Woods Paul
22-09-15 20:54 I am happy with my treatment Anonymous
22-09-15 20:39 Friendly, professional staff; lovely modern building; free parking. My appointment was with Katie the hygienist today, my teeth feel fantastic! Mrs Locke Joanne
22-09-15 19:19 Because everyone are friendly , and always very professional . Anonymous
22-09-15 18:25 Mr Nuttall is an excellent dentist and I always feel relaxed Mrs Arnold MaureenE
22-09-15 7:52 Purpose built Dental practice, easy parking, easy access.....cheerful receptionists and all round excellent service! Anonymous
21-09-15 19:32 It's a modern and very friendly environment Anonymous
21-09-15 18:43 From reception to treatment, the service is friendly, highly efficient and stress free. Mr Bruzon Natalio
21-09-15 18:28 I have never experienced anything but excellent treatment by any member of staff at the practice. Anonymous
21-09-15 17:06 Practice is clean, friendly and have every confidence in the practice. Mrs Williams Christine
19-09-15 16:05 No problem getting an appointment ,treatment very good and friendly sevice. Mrs Ferris Patricia
19-09-15 15:33 Yes Anonymous
19-09-15 11:19 Professional & very good customer servic offered Anonymous
19-09-15 5:41 The clinicans were very friendly and made me feel at ease. Mrs Clark Louise
19-09-15 5:41 The clinicans were very friendly and made me feel at ease. Mrs Clark Louise
18-09-15 19:21 Despite being really busy, offered and managed to sort out an urgent problem with no notice the day before my holiday. Mr Taylor Matthew
18-09-15 18:22 Very professional, surgery looks very clean, definitely recommend. Mr Reed Nicholas
18-09-15 9:45 Very professional dental treatment in a very relaxed environment Mr Baker Colin
17-09-15 20:13 Excellent care. Anonymous
17-09-15 17:57 because I am very nervous but I have been treated very well and now do have the courage to attend Mrs Jerome Joyce
17-09-15 6:41 Prompt service and excellent care, nice friendly atmosphere. Mrs Evans Heather
16-09-15 23:04 well looked after Mr Srinath Siva
16-09-15 19:37 when I needing emergency treatment, I was fitted in the same day and received excellent treatment Mrs Foster Maureen
16-09-15 18:37 Very thorough. Miss Hopson Natalie
16-09-15 11:39 To me, it appears a well run practice, the reception staff are welcoming and friendly (now) but most importantly I really like being treated by Dr Hodges, he inspires confidence and really seems to care about ones own sensitivities. Mrs Baker Valerie
15-09-15 22:17 Because I have always had good caring treatment. Mr Neve MichaelR
15-09-15 19:54 Nice welcome. Prompt attentaion Anonymous
15-09-15 18:39 I accept being a guinea pig for a new dentist starting out in practice and I welcome the care and attention he showed. We will see how this works out when I attend for treatment 1st October. Mr Kemp Robert
14-09-15 21:21 Friendly and professional. Appointments on time. Susan Elsworth
14-09-15 17:03 Familiar faces always put you at your ease Mr Little Graham
14-09-15 13:03 As I am a new patient to the practice, my level of knowledge and experience of the practitioners is limited, but I am happy so far. Mrs Pedder Elizabeth
13-09-15 20:48 Always have a good approach and very helpful service Anonymous
13-09-15 8:40 The level of patient care received. Mrs Lane Caron
12-09-15 10:34 The welcome and care given by all staff Anonymous
11-09-15 21:14 I am impressed with the service from reception through to checkup and checkout - and the inter-appointment system for emailing appointments and reminders. Mr Young Roger
11-09-15 19:19 A quick but thorough checkup Anonymous
11-09-15 17:13 Very pleasant business & staff Mrs Thompson Jane
11-09-15 17:08 An Emergency due to sever pain Wisdom tooth removed without any problems so far. Mr Cannings David
11-09-15 17:07 Friendly staff and put you at ease when the dentist isn't your favourite place to be. Mrs MacDonald Michelle
11-09-15 7:44 Friendly Mrs Margetts Dorothy
10-09-15 21:36 Friendly staff who were knowledgeable and patient Mr EamesDavidson Phillip
10-09-15 19:25 Efficient service Anonymous
10-09-15 19:07 Excellent Treatment. Appointments on time. Mr Fortescue-Thomas Anthony
10-09-15 17:12 Good service friendly staff Mrs Maude-Roxby Julia
10-09-15 12:03 Excellent treatment whever I attend Mrs Slater Margaret
09-09-15 22:11 even though I was in a lot of pain, All the staff we're very kind and helpful and I was seen very quickly, Mrs Sweetland Ellen
09-09-15 19:40 very helpful staff and a good service all round. very good dental technicians. Anonymous
09-09-15 17:10 I was a very nervous patient but attending this practice I am always put at ease Mrs Kirby Eileen
09-09-15 17:01 Clean, friendly and easy to book appointments Miss Rattenbury Amanda
09-09-15 9:51 Very professional staff with a friendly approach to their clients. Easy to make appointments and responsive to enquiries Anonymous
08-09-15 22:02 Have total confidence in Mr hodges. Anonymous
08-09-15 20:22 Good quality care Mrs Thomson Jackie
08-09-15 19:56 Because I feel relaxed, rather than thinking I'm going to be have some one just not take care and not being professional Mr Morgan John
08-09-15 19:44 kind, clean, good information given Mrs Ward Sarah
08-09-15 19:43 Friendly and nice all the time Mr Harris Edward
08-09-15 19:13 Friendly staff and practitioners providing a first class service. Mr Tyler Michael
08-09-15 18:00 It is friendly, efficient, reassuring. Anonymous
08-09-15 18:00 It is friendly, efficient, reassuring. Anonymous
08-09-15 17:29 Friendly staff and I was seen to quickly Anonymous
08-09-15 17:24 Nice people, good location Anonymous
08-09-15 17:06 I do Anonymous
08-09-15 14:43 The dentist is perfectly good. Anonymous
08-09-15 13:21 Quick efficient service in clean, up to date premises. Anonymous
07-09-15 17:57 Professional, friendly and efficient - as always. Mr Ward Andrew
07-09-15 17:13 Very prompt and professional service. Mrs Carnell Marianne
05-09-15 8:01 Friendly and helpful staff Miss Searle Amelia
02-09-15 22:05 aware of the practice being very busy so may be unable to take more patients for some time. Mrs Smart Anne
02-09-15 20:41 Friendly staff and Stevie explained the treatment before she started . She made feel reassured and the treatment was pain free . Anonymous
02-09-15 18:14 Made to feel very welcome and informed on treatment Mr Garrod Paul
02-09-15 17:52 Easy appointment system . Good response to emails. Professional dentist and friendly dental nurse. Mrs Emery Helen